Living Well.

Apparently, I am getting older. I celebrated my 4th annual 29th birthday this week (I’ll let you do the math). How’d I get here exactly? Time. It took time to get here. Time I relished. Time I wasted. Time I spent doing things I loved. Time I spent doing things I hated. Time my parents warned me about speeding by. Time I try to hold onto. Time is one thing we can’t buy or gain…unless you fly west from Indianapolis for a few hours!

2015 has proven to be quite the whirlwind and time isn’t slowing down. With the time I do have here on earth, I want to spend it living well. Living wisely. Living intentionally. Living compassionately. I want to live well and I want more in life. Not ‘more’ as in more stuff, but ‘more’ as in more experiences, memories, laughs.

As I have been processing this year, especially this summer, I have made a few decisions that I hope will maximize my ability to live well.

  1. Live wisely. I have been searching for a new church home. Church shopping takes time…and patience. For the last few years, I thought attending Sunday morning was good enough, especially because I work for a parachurch organization. It turns out, I wasn’t totally on to something. I was trying to figure out life, mostly, on my own. I forgot that wisdom takes time and also has some key ingredients: teaching, community, and service. I want to be a part of a church body that loves + serves Christ and others well. But one that doesn’t shy away from Truth and still loves unconditionally. To live wisely, I need to be a part of a community who does, teaches, and challenges the same. The good news is…I have found a home!
  2. Live intentionally: I don’t want to keep saying, “We should…”. I want to say, “Remember when…”. But there is a balance with this as well. I don’t want to be busy planning and miss out on living in the moment. I went to a concert last week and the lead singer told fans a few times to relax and be grateful for the time they have to just “be” at the show. This is also something a dear friend of mine has challenged me with since college – “B, just be”, he’d say. This is hard when life is so busy. So so busy. In order to live intentionally, I must no longer put off investing in people or experiences, but rather, be present. When we live wisely, I am convinced intentionality will follow as we see those investment opportunities. When we live intentionally, moments will stay longer, taste sweeter, and mean more.
  3. Live compassionately: Along with writing, I am creating. Since I was a wee one, I have loved to draw and create. Although my undergraduate degree was partially in art (and partially in psychology), I haven’t really done much with it other than interior decorating and color theory. Art can soothe the soul. I’ve been told by a myriad of people to start writing words or phrases and do something with them. Therefore, I started my “word arts”. My prayer is that my art will bring joy and compassion to those who receive it. Although that is a good start, it isn’t enough. When there are real life moments to live compassionately, I need see it…and wisdom will guide me to it and intentionality will generate a response. Loving well and loving big need wisdom…and the world needs love. A lot of it.
  4. Live well: What in the world does it mean to ‘Live well’? I don’t know, really, but I am getting glimpses. Living well means to love your neighbor. To forgive grievances. To take time for a conversation. To learn from poor choices. To walk alongside the broken. To surrender to our own brokenness. To remain joyful and hopeful. To be the hands and feet of Christ. To live wisely. To live intentionally. To live compassionately.

A life goal is to create a memoir, of sorts. One that incorporates life lessons, humorous moments, fail photos, life photos, and be an encouragement to those who decide they’re weird enough to read it. To do this, I must live wisely, intentionally, compassionately, and well. Memoirs don’t write themselves. Apparently, there are things called a “biographies”. So far, no one has knocked on my door for that opportunity, but someone did mention to start blogging. Tadaaaa….Welcome to Entry 1.

One thought on “Living Well.

  1. This is an amazing entry 1- everything you said is so “on point” and tied to much of what we talked about today at lunch. Once again, I love the “list” of ways to live— they are such amazing reminders to us all. You are so gifted…keep it going and keep the entries coming…I am hooked! Love it!


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